Nursery Education Funding

Children grow and develop more rapidly in their first five years than at any other time in their lives. Good quality early education is a foundation for the whole of their future development.

Children who benefit are more likely to:

  • Make good progress at school
  • Stay in education longer and gain qualifications
  • Be successful in their working life

Free Early Learning

At all our nurseries we are pleased to accept children on the two year old nursery entitlement, which gives your two year access to 15 hours free childcare.

We also accept children who are three and four year olds on the Free Entitlement, both the universal 15 hours free childcare and the Free Entitlement to working families of 30 hours free childcare.

To get more information about free childcare for your child please come a visit one of our nurseries of visit the government website to help you with your childcare costs.

Help towards childcare whilst learning

We also work together with various learning institutes, such as Blackpool and the Fylde college and Care to Learn to help learners complete their chosen course whilst the college funds their childcare costs.